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We only offer one tour per day.We don't want to rush a tour because we have to get back and lead another one - you have our undivided attention for the duration of your tour.

We work with mother nature. All of our tour times are scheduled with the tidal current in mind. We have a 6-10 foot tidal swing here twice a day...why fight it? That's why we don't offer tours at the same time everyday - it makes for a more pleasant experience for you, and gets us on the water at the best time.

Our tours are highly interpretive. We take you to the most interesting places in Beaufort, and then help you discover their secrets. A trip with Beaufort Kayak Tours is much more than just a kayak trip - you'll come away knowing much more about the lowcountry and what makes it so special.

We put thought into our gear. Our style of kayak is specifically chosen to be appropriate for beginning to intermediate paddlers on inland coastal waters. We also use high-end Werner paddles so that you have a good kayaking experience.   

About us

David  grew up right here in Beaufort County and spent his childhood playing in local salt marshes and coastal waters. He followed his passion for natural history with an education at the University of South Carolina. In addition to being a Master Naturalist, he has an avid interest in our cultural history. You will often find David in his off hours consulting a field guide, reading a history book, or exploring parts of the lowcountry he has not kayaked in yet.

Kim  grew up in SC and managed to move to Beaufort 15 years ago.  After obtaining an advanced degree in Science Education, she worked in schools, museums, and for various environmental organizations before moving to the lowcountry and starting Beaufort Kayak Tours with David in 2002.

Kim and David  have been married for over 20 years and have been operating Beaufort Kayak Tours since 2002. In addition to kayaking they also ride road and mountain bikes, hike, and explore the outdoors via human powered fun.

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